US consulate to host session on Parallel Pandemic Project on Covid-19

KARACHI, Mar 01 (APP): US Mission to Pakistan has invited the public to attend an online session about ‘The Parallel Pandemic Project: Pakistan, United States and COVID-19’ on March 2 at University of Karachi.

Parallel Pandemic Project is a university partnership between George Mason University and the University of Karachi sponsored by the U.S. Mission to Pakistan that seeks to document and understand impacts of COVID-19 on the United States and Pakistan converge and diverge over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students and faculty in the social sciences at both universities began the project in the Summer 2020 with a series of virtual conversations and classroom exchanges to discuss how their respective societies were reacting to the public health threat of COVID-19.

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This session will present findings as they relate to the economy, the family, legislative responses, and media.

Presenters include: Dr. James Witte (George Mason University, Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Director of the Institute for Immigration Research), Dr. Mustafa Hyder (University of Karachi, Research Scholar and Faculty Member in the Department of Public Administration), Dr. Tehmina Faisal (University of Karachi, Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Administration) and Nishit Sahay (George Mason University, Senior Advisor for External Relations at the Institute for Immigration Research).