UN urged to make India accountable for snatching Kashmiris’ identity

Naqash lauds support of House of Commons, CAIR for Kashmiris

UN urged to make India accountable for snatching Kashmiris’ identityISLAMABAD, Aug 3 (APP): Senior leader of All-Party Hurriyat Conference (APHC), Muhammad Yusuf Naqash on Wednesday termed August 5, 2019 as a day of attacking identity of Kashmir and Kashmiris, urging United Nations to make India accountable for this illegal and immoral action.

In a statement received here from Srinagar, the APHC leader said the unilateral measures of August 5, 2019 were absolute violation of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions, which clearly recognize Kashmir as disputed territory.

India has become a ruthless bully in the region, hence a security threat not only for India’s minorities but also its neighbouring countries, he said adding that its expansionist ambitions were endangering peace and security of South Asia region.

He was of the view that the country that did not respect UNSC resolutions should be dealt with iron hands instead of relying on verbal condemnation.

He said, although some conscientious countries and human rights organizations had raised their voices against the steps taken by India on and after August 5, 2019, but the silence of other influential countries in this regard had directly or indirectly encouraged India.

He said, Kashmir has become a vast prison and killing-ground where youth were being martyred in fake encounters, properties burnt, destroyed and sealed whereas those who speak the truth are silenced and booked in fake cases and locked in prisons far away from their loved ones.

The Hurriyat leadership, including innocent people are being punished without giving them right to be heard whereas fabricated allegations were being leveled against Hurriyat leadership to defame it.

“Unannounced arrests , killings and crackdowns against Kashmiris and establishing the impression of “all is well” is a clear proof that India has lost its senses. So the United Nations and other influential countries break silence and raise their voice in favor of Kashmiris and help them get UN-mandated right to self-determination,” he remarked.

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