Tanveer acknowledges WFP in addressing Pak numerous issues

Tanveer acknowledges WFP in addressing Pak numerous issues

ISLAMABAD, Jun 2 (APP): Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Rana Tanveer Hussain on Thursday acknowledged the contribution of WFP in enabling Pakistan to address numerous social issues primarily related to nutrition in women and children.

Welcoming the country director of World Food Programme (WWF) Mr Chris Kaye in his office, Rana Tanveer appreciated the work being done by WFP in Pakistan.

The meeting was attended by Secretary and Additional Secretary of the Ministry of FE & PT.

He said that the government of Pakistan is committed to eliminate malnutrition and stunting especially in children and students.

Rana Tanveer discussed in detail the issue of out of school children.

He said that there are approximately 22 million out of school children, rectification of which is amongst the top priorities of the government.

He said that once admitted retention of students is also a big challenge that needs to be overcome. Federal Minister said that special programmes need to be introduced to enhance the overall learning capacity of students as well.

Federal Minister was briefed about the School Meals Programme. Rana Tanveer was informed that the program is aimed at supporting appropriate nutrition and encouraging attendance of students especially young girls.

Federal Minister said that both mental and physical growth of students is of utmost importance. He said that a pilot project of the School Meals Programme should be launched in the Federal Territory. He welcomed any support which can lead to healthy students who are ready to learn.

Federal Minister said that a large-scale school and ration programme should be developed for the entire country. He said that WFP and Ministry of FE & PT should work together to develop a proposal which will be placed before and deliberated upon in the Interprovincial Education Ministers Conference headed by the Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training. Rana Tanveer emphasized that the meal and ration programme will lead to reduction in school children’s issues.

Rana Tanveer said that with the support of WFP a database should be put together that projects the ground reality of students in each Tehsil of Pakistan in order to develop effective interventions. He said that the global learning experience and technical expertise of WFP can highly contribute towards this objective.

Rana Tanveer said that the students are the future of this country and that we have put highest priority on their physical and mental needs. At the end he thanked Chris Kaye and WFP for their contribution towards resolving social issues in Pakistan and reiterated his resolve towards working together with WFP to address the challenges of the public education system.

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