Tandoors/Nan-bais defy govt’s Roti, Naan price reduction in ICT

ISLAMABAD, Apr 16 (APP): In response to this initiative of the Punjab government, the federal capital has also reduced the prices of bread and naan by fixing their prices at Rs 16 and Rs 20 respectively, however, Tandoor and Nanbai kept their prices while refusing to obey the government order.
The district administration issued a notification fixing the prices of Roti and Naan at Rs 16 and Rs 20 for a standard serving size of 120 grams.
Assistant Commissioners and Price Control Magistrates have been tasked with ensuring the enforcement of these new prices across Islamabad.
In line with Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon’s instructions, Assistant Commissioner Secretariat Abdullah Khan convened a meeting with the Nanbai Association to discuss the implementation of the revised prices.
Despite these efforts, Tandoors/Nan-bais in the twin cities are standing firm on their prices, declining to reduce them as per the government’s rates.
Talking to APP, a citizen namely Muhammad Tassawar, a resident of the Sohan area lamented the lack of reduction in prices at local Tandoors and Nan-bais, where Roti was still being sold at Rs 20 and Naan at Rs 25.
Similarly, Shabeer Hussain from the G-8 area, highlighted that despite the government’s intervention, Tandoors and Nan-bais in the Federal Capital were selling Roti at Rs 25 and Naan at Rs 30, placing a financial burden on the residents.
When contacted by the Spokesman of ICT, Dr. Abdullah Tabassum, he assured that strict action would be taken against those violating the price regulations.
He emphasized that Assistant Commissioners and Magistrates have been assigned specific tasks to ensure compliance with the new Roti and Naan prices in Islamabad.
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