Sustainable climate resilient health systems urged

nadeem jan

ISLAMABAD, Sep 11 (APP): Caretaker Minister for Health Dr Nadeem Jan on Monday said that there is a need to develop sustainable and climate-resilient health systems in the country.

He was presiding over a consultation initiated by the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination with the support of the British High Commission.

The minister said that the government of Pakistan has developed a framework of action highlighting the agenda and objectives of COP-26.

He said that the climate crisis and the health of citizens are interlinked and have many of the same solutions, especially when it comes to strengthening health systems.

Implementing the adaptation and mitigation plans will require dedicated financing, acting now is likely to save money and lives in the long term, Dr. Nadeem Jan added.

Speaking on the occasion Federal Secretary Health Iftikhar Shallwani said that climate change and health are one of the priorities of the Government of Pakistan especially since we faced the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by floods in 2022.

He said both the COVID-19 pandemic and floods are a stark reminder of the intimate and delicate relationship between people, health and climatic changes, which we can only address through a multi-sectoral and multi-partner approach.

The Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of Climate Change and Environmental Coordination, produced a multisectoral National Adaptation Plan through a consultative process.

This document was approved by the cabinet in August 2023. “Our commitment extends to the implementation and enhancement of the National Adaptation Plan, shared the Secretary of Health.

The consolation is aimed at raising a collaborative alliance between the government, development partners, academia, and key stakeholders.

The event will unveil a Framework of Action for Climate-Resilient Health Systems and facilitate discussions on strategies, partnerships, and funding mechanisms to build a robust healthcare system, resilient to the challenges of climate change.

The consultation chaired by the Federal Minister for Health Dr. Nadeem Jan was participated by the Development Director at the British High Commission Ms. Jo Moir, Secretary of Health Iftikhar Ali Shallwani, Director General Environment and Climate Change Muhammad Asif Sahibzada among others.

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