State media takes lead in projection of soft image of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Sep 4 (APP): To counter negative propaganda against Pakistan, the state media has taken lead in promoting the true soft image of Pakistan as a moderate, democratic and peace loving Islamic state.

The three state media organizations including Radio Pakistan, Pakistan Television and Associated Press of Pakistan are constantly highlighting the successes the country has achieved on the economic and security fronts especially over the last three years through their current affairs programmes and news stories.

Talking to APP Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Pir Muhammad Aslam Bodla said Sunday that the state media has been playing a tremendous role in projecting the positive and soft image of the country.

He said that state media organizations including PTV, PBC and APP were performing their duty with the spirit of patriotism which should be appreciated. He said unfortunately, a section of private media has been highlighting the negative things about Pakistan and its society. Media is considered to be a watchdog in a democratic country and it is performing its duty in this regard but at the same time media should work for the positive and real soft image of Pakistan.

Director News PBC Rao Sadiq Ali said that in the modern world country’s image has becomes a critical factor, and the state media is at the forefront in highlighting the soft image of the country by promoting the immense and abundant picturesque places as well as the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. This image building exercise cannot be undertaken overnight. It has to be a sustained projection over a prolonged period. The role of media in building a positive and soft image of Pakistan is necessary. The media must be asked to help in building a better, positive Pakistan and to use the power it wields carefully in this regard.

Director News PTV Awais Butt said that the state run television has been playing its role to project the positive image of the country, as some disgruntled elements had been trying to tarnish its image in the eyes of the world.

He said that this year domestic tourism has witnessed a tremendous boost which shows that the people are feeling secure now and PTV has highlighted this activity. Moreover he said that the people of Pakistan celebrated
the Independence Day with zeal and fervour and they welcomed the Azadi train I all parts of the country. The PTV has projected all such activities which prove that the people no more feel insecure and they come out to celebrate the festivities.

Like Radio Pakistan and PTV, the APP considers countering negative propaganda against the county and projecting the true and soft image of Pakistan as its national responsibility.

APP’s Urdu,English, Arabic, Video News Service, regional services and Photo news service have been highlighting the achievements in Operation Zarb-e-Azb, economic revival, construction of infrastructure projects especially China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Moreover it has been highlighting the unique and picturesque tourist destinations, and archeological sites in the county.

It is a fact that responsible media can protect the national interest by removing misconceptions of the world and the state media has also served as the mouthpiece to highlight the country’s peace credentials especially its desire to have friendly relations with all the countries especially the neighbouring countries.

State media has been also projecting the achievements in the fields of sports; entertainment and fashion are also being highlighted as part of parts to project the soft image of the country in the comity of nations.

Achievements made by the country on the stability of democracy and political process also feature in the programmes and news of the state media organizations in order to offset the impression often created in the western media that the democracy is still fragile in the country.