Speaker bound to send disqualification reference to ECP against PTI leadership: Sana

Protest call by Imran rejected by public: Rana Sana Ullah

ISLAMABAD, Jul 14 (APP):Speaker of the National Assembly is bound to send disqualification reference against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) top leadership, in light of the detailed verdict of the Apex Court, said Minister for interior Rana Sanaullah Khan on Thursday.

“Verdict in Suo Moto case against Deputy Speaker’ ruling is a historic decision; such verdicts set direction of nations. And this decision has certified supremacy of law and rule of people,” he said.

The Minister underlined that a reference was due to be formed as per this decision as former speaker National Assembly and his party members were drawing salaries and enjoying all perks and privileges.

They [PTI MNAs] have not left any privilege so they were all on discretion of the Parliament, Rana Sanaullah added.

The Speaker was bound to send a reference of disqualification to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and the ECP should de-seat them after wards, the Minister said.

He said the verdict has also set a direction that the sacred trust of power enshrined in constitution of the people of Pakistan was to be practiced through its chosen representatives, adding, “the representatives limits, their course of exercising their delegated powers, and any act that is violating this trust and its impeachment have been clarified in it.”

The Minister briefly read out two paragraphs of the additional note of the detailed verdict which says “the constitution opens by stating that the exercise of authority is a sacred trust and can only be exercised through the chosen representatives of the people. However, this sacred trust was violated amongst others by the President, Prime Minister, the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and the Law Minister.”

He mentioned that there could have been no more eloquent explanation or words to describe the exercise of powers and its violation.

He continued reading out the second paragraph, saying “It is also found that the
series of aforenoted acts right from rejection of resolution by the Deputy Speaker till the dissolution of National Assembly by the President were not performed in ordinary course of business but the same were result of premeditation and deliberations in order to defeat resolution of no confidence while playing fraud on the constitution.”

Rana Sanaullah Khan accused Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership for breaching the trust enshrined to them in exercising their powers and committed fraud to the country.

“I demand President to step down after this decision,” he said, adding that the politics of Imran Khan Niazi has died after this decision and compromised the national interest for his own vested interests, violated the constitution and did fraud to it.”

The Minister said this group of incompetent and imbecile could not do politics after this decision, adding, “the federal government is bound as per the Apex court decision to contain all means of constitutional violations. The honorable parliament and federal government cannot think to let it go and avoid implementation of this ruling.”

It was a great day for the activists of supremacy of law and the apex court that has ensured sanctity of the constitution, he maintained.

Responding to various media queries, the Minister said Supreme Court decision as per constitution was the final verdict which was ultimate and to be implemented.

“If anyone wants to criticize the decision, it should be done in parameters of respect and it should also be appreciated other way around,” he said.

Replying to another query, the Minister said he wanted to arrest Imran Khan but not in cases of articles 752 and 187 rather if the Cabinet allows the reference then he could be arrested in it.

“The federal cabinet will decide and discuss to file a reference against the former prime minister and his MNAs and it will be submitted consequently.”

He mentioned Imran Khan attacked the Capital and waged a war against the government along- with an armed group and intended to cease Islamabad.

On a question about return of former Premier Nawaz Sharif, he said, his punishment was suspended by the then Punjab government and Nawaz Sharif should return after suspension of his sentence and follow his trial to end all allegations leveled against him. “He will get acquittal from all the baseless and politically motivated cases against him,” Rana Sanaullah said.

The Minister insisted that the Speaker has right to send reference against any MNA and PTI members are still Members of National Assembly (MNAs), saying Federal Cabinet will decide future course of action in its meeting on Friday.

The Parliament and Cabinet have no option after this verdict to launch reference against the culprits of constitutional breach which has been clearly mentioned in the verdict, he said.

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