Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda

ISLAMABAD, Jan 7 (APP):Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda expressed here on Monday that some elements attempting to hamper the development and prosperity of the country these are enemies of the nation and the history will never forget such elements trying to play havoc with the future of the state.In an interview with private news channel, Faisla Vawda termed that opposition was criticizing the government's development projects to get political point scoring without any valid reason.
	Faisal said although criticism was the constitutional right of the opposition but they had no moral reasons in this regard because they had failed to put the country on the path of progress and prosperity during their constitutional tenures, Faisal Vawda said .
	The Minister said, “those who desire toppling our government are day dreaming and will never succeed, adding, the PTI will continue the mission of serving people through better governance,”
	However, the PTI government has always given precedence to people’s prosperity as our politics is based on norms and good manners.	
	He said Pakistan was going through difficult economic situation as the previous governments overburdened the country with excessive debts besides damaging the institutions.
	The vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan is on streamlining the system in all national institutions so that they could function independently and efficiently, he added.
	PTI led government will not support or encourage any step which is against the constitution and democratic values, he mentioned. 
	 He said, when PTI taken over the government, the darkness had blanked the country but his government has started huge development projects that are removing darkness.
	The Minister said , the previous governments only focused on infrastructural development rather than human development that development sense of deprivation among the people.
	Replying a query , the awarding of Mohmand dam’s construction bid , he said , how can I be responsible for those contracts’ bidding that took place when this government was not there? secondly, if you find controversy or want to contact one, then this is open and you can investigate this as you like it. 	
	He further said the issues related to Mohmand dams were being resolved on a fast track, adding,  “I wouldn’t like to keep important matters secret from the people of Pakistan; everyones are welcome to see and monitor what we are doing.” 
	While regretting ,  he said the people of Sindh province are deprived of basic necessities of life as  PPP failed to change the condition of the province.
	Replying a question, regarding Public Accounts Committee (PAC), he said Shahbaz Sharif-headed PAC was telling them to appear or submit replies on very short notices without issuing any agenda. 
	Shehbaz, was involved in fraud and grafting charges, which is why he is in PAC chairmanship, he questioned.
	Faisal said the government will not allow gagging of free media, it should write any story but with balance reporting, he urged
	He said the PTI had no intention to impose the governor’s rule in Sindh or repeal the 18th Amendment.
	He vowed that the PTI government will work for the betterment and development of the country by ensuring the people are given their due rights and by utilizing all available resources to uplift the living standard of the masses.