Somalia’s ambassador visits Walled city

LAHORE, Sep 15 (APP): Ambassador of Somalia in Islamabad Mrs Khadija Mohamed Al-Makhsumi visited historic places here on Thursday.
She visited the Lahore Fort, Mazar-e-Iqbal, Masjid Wazir Khan and various parts of the walled city with her family members.
“The Lahore Fort is worthseeing. I studied about historic importance of it, which was built during great Mughal empire and it was my desire to visit it since long”, the ambassador commented.
She took round of various parts of the fort and praised the architecture and beauty of the great building. “Muslims ruled the Sub-continent for many centuries and their unique style of constructions and their support for the art and culture were really fascinating,” she said.
Meanwhile, she was presented guard of honour at the Mazar-e-Iqbal. The ambassador while writing her comments at the visitors book there, paid rich tribute to the Poet of East.
Later, she was also taken to different streets of the walled city. The ambassador praised clean environment of the walled city.
Assistant Director Walled City Authority (WCA) Farhan Malik and Muhammad Javed, a senior officer tourism, briefed the ambassador about history, culture and tourism of the city.