ISLAMABAD, Oct 29 (APP): The PML(N)-led government is taking concrete
measures to bring youth of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas(FATA) into mainstream development process through provision of education.
” Given that Youth are considered as architecture of a nation, the
government is diverting more resources to revive education sector in addition to other crucial area like health in the FATA to prepare its youth for playing role in national development,” told an official source.As part of such efforts, he said efforts were being made to ensure
operation of those education facilities which had been lying dysfunctional for a long in the area.
He said teachers’ strength was being enhanced with working out a
mechanism to ensure they were performing their duties, regularly in order to capitalise fully on development-oriented efforts of the government.
He said three cadet colleges had already been set in the FATA,
providing quality education to children, who had long been deprived of education.
He said repatriation of the IDPs to five agencies including Khyber
Agency, Aurakzai Agency, Kurram Agency, South Agency and North Agency was in progress,successfully.
He said massive reconstruction and rehabilitation activities were
taking place to resettle the IDPs in dignified manner in their respective areas with ensuring all possible facilities of life.