Sheikh Rashid invites Uzbekistan Railways to invest in PR’s projects

ISLAMABAD, May 27 (APP):Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Monday invited the Uzbekistan Railways to invest in projects of Pakistan Railways (PR).

He made this offer during a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, Elyor Majidovich Ganiev.

During the meeting Pakistan and Uzbekistan agreed to further increase cooperation between the two countries in railways sector.

Sheikh Rashid said there were a lot of opportunities for both the countries to have strong trade and economic relations.

He said Pakistan had historical, religious and cultural ties with Uzbekistan, adding Pakistanis had spiritual affiliation with Samarkand and Bukhara cities of Uzbekistan.

The minister said for development of the region, Pakistan Railways wanted to connect Central Asian countries through railway network.

He said Afghanistan was also a major stakeholder in railway network and assured support of joint efforts.

The deputy prime minister of Uzbekistan said Peshawar-Kabul-Mazar Sharif railway line project was important for the region.

He added that the railway cooperation was essential in the region for the promotion of trade between Central Asian states and Pakistan.

He fully supported all the projects of Pakistan to link the region with railway track. He added that rail link was very important for peace in Afghanistan and to eliminate poverty from the region.