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ISLAMABAD, Jun 19 (APP):Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood Friday said the federal government was working for quality education and implementation of a uniform education system in order to ensure human resource development on modern lines.
The incumbent government has taken various initiative to unify the syllabus for all students in the country, he said this in an exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan.
Shafqat Mahmood said unfortunately, “We have an education system in the country, which is discriminatory against most of the citizens”.
He explained the various systems of education were being administered in Pakistan such as the madrassa system, Urdu medium, English medium, government schools and the Oxford system. “These parallel systems are damaging the unity of the country and all these systems have separate curriculum,” he said.
The minister termed different education systems as class base divisions. He said, they were already doing Tele-schooling so that a large number of students could have access to education during coronavirus crisis.
Shafqat Mahmood said unified education policy would guarantee equal opportunities for students all over the country.
The minister said quality education was every child’s basic right, but unfortunately, “No ruler in the past emphasized on it properly”.
“Quality education is the most effective tool for social equality. This is only possible when there is uniform education for everyone. If it is uniform, the children who will pursue it will also be equal”, he said.
However, uniform education is the biggest challenge in the country today, he said.
“Everyone will have to prepare such courses in which the knowledge along with the values and the practical know how of self-reliance can be given according to the ability and interest of the student. This work has to be done as a mission,” he said.