Senate unanimously passes resolution to preserve Karoonjhar Mountains as national heritage

Senate Committee

ISLAMABAD, Aug 09 (APP): The Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed a resolution, presented by Senator Keshoo Bai of the Pakistan Peoples Party, to designate the Karoonjhar Mountains in Tharparkar as a national heritage site in a significant move aimed at safeguarding Pakistan’s rich historical, natural, religious, and cultural heritage.

According to the resolution, Karoonjhar Mountains hold a special place in the annals of history, being the site of the final battle between British forces and local fighters. This very terrain witnessed the arrest and subsequent execution of Ruploo Kolhi, a prominent local figure, near the Bhatyani River.

The mountains have come to symbolize a vibrant civilization, embodying the essence of local indigenous communities and their cultural practices, rituals, customs, folklore, and songs, spanning countless generations.

For the Hindu community, the Karoonjhar Mountain range is held in similar reverence as the Ganga or Sindhu rivers. Every year, millions of Hindus from across Pakistan make a pilgrimage to the Sardharo Dham located at the base of the Karoonjhar Mountains, reinforcing the spiritual significance of this cherished site.

The resolution said beyond its cultural and spiritual importance, the Karoonjhar Mountains also play a pivotal economic role in the lives of the local populace. During the rainy season, this mountain range transforms into a hub of tourism, attracting thousands of visitors from all corners of the country.

The Sindh government has invested significant resources, amounting to several million rupees, to construct dams at the base of the Karoonjhar Mountains.

These dams, fed by rainwater from the hills, have become a lifeline for the community, providing drinking water for humans, animals, and birds, while also supporting agricultural activities.

However, the very essence of the Karoonjhar Mountains now stands threatened by corporate interests seeking to exploit the region’s valuable resources, resorting to both legal and illegal means of resource extraction.

The resolution said the urgent need to protect this invaluable ecosystem has led to a collective demand for the designation of “Karoonjhar” as a world heritage site. Such a designation would not only ensure the preservation of a culture spanning millennia but also serve as a beacon of hope for present and future generations.

The consequences of neglecting the Karoonjhar Mountains are far-reaching, as their destruction would disrupt not only the local Nangar Parkar ecosystem but also have global implications. To counter such risks, it is imperative that the Karoonjhar Mountains be declared a National Heritage site and a National Park for wildlife protection.

As the sun sets on these majestic mountains, the collective call to action echoes: safeguard the Karoonjhar Mountains for the ages, safeguard a precious link to the past, and safeguard the vibrant tapestry of life for generations to come, the resolution maintained.

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