ISLAMABAD, Jul 22 (APP): The Senate on Friday passed a unanimous resolution against brutal force of Indian army against people of Jammu and Kashmir, urging world organizations to take notice of human rights violations and work for implementing UN resolutions on Kashmir issue.

The consensus resolution moved by Leader of the House Raja Zafrul Haq on behalf of all members in the House also seeks approach to United Nations, international community,
inter-government and inter-parliamentary organizations, elected representatives and bodies, human rights organizations, civil societies and media organizations working for freedom of expression for implementing the UN resolutions on the inalienable right of self-determination of the people Jammu and Kashmir.

The resolution said,” the senate of Pakistan after having detailed discussions and deliberations on adjournment motions by senators from parliamentary parties on the
unprecedented state terrorism, brutal killings, human rights violations and restriction on freedom of expression including mass and social media,restriction in the Indian Held Kashmir(IHK), unanimously resolve to express solidarity with the oppressed and struggling people of IHK in their latest popular, spontaneous, indigenous and widespread upsurge
against the illegal and unjust occupation.

The House takes note that since the pivotal martyrdom of Burhan Wani and scores of innocent civilians, the unprecedented brutality of the Indian security forces in the valley have resulted in an ongoing massacre leading to 50 fatalities, 3500 injuries and nearly 150 person blinded and critical maimed.

Apart from the fifth generation of Kashmiris facing near genocidal policies of the state with the highest solider-civilian ratio in the world as over 700,000 troops and paramilitary
remains as occupiers in a valley with a population of four million black laws reinforced the egregious human rights violation.

Black laws like the public safety act, the Jammu and Kashmir forces special powers act and other punitive measures which should be immediately repealed since there are repugnant to fundamental rights and human dignity encoded in the universal laws and civilized norms.

The proliferation of mass graves and blatant use of lethal and proscribed non-lethal weapons testify to this chilling reality. To cover up these excorable crimes against humanity,the world’s largest democracy, India, as resorted to the worst kind of censorship including print, electronic and social media blanket bans.

This attempt to black out voices of truth coming out from behind this” Iron curtain” of terror and shame as included intimidation and harassment of journalists, conscientious
objectors and human rights defenders.

The senate representing the sentiments of entire federation of Pakistan strongly and unequivocally condemns these blatant violations of human rights law and urged the international community, inter-governmental and inter-parliamentary organizations, elected representatives and bodies, human rights organizations, civil and media organizations working for freedom of expression to respond to this urgent call of conscience implementing forthwith the United Nations resolutions on the inalienable right of self- determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.