Senate adopts National Institute of Technology Bill 2023

Senate adopts National Institute of Technology Bill 2023

ISLAMABAD, Jul 30 (APP): The Senate passed the National Institute of Technology Bill, 2023 on Sunday, giving the institute autonomy in academics, finance, and administration, along with the power to hire officers, teachers, and staff since 2002.

Rana Maqbool Ahmed presented the bill. According to the bill, the government-appointed auditor won’t have the authority to question the policy behind the allocation approved by the institute’s board of governors in the annual budget.

According to statements of objects and reasons, the purpose of the bill is to establish the National Institute of Technology, which aims to provide education and scholarship in various modern knowledge areas, fostering action-oriented research for societal development.

The institute will focus on cutting-edge technologies like data science and robotics, promoting academia-industry linkages to facilitate smoother transitions from education to work, especially in technology-related fields. By offering high-quality and comprehensive education, the institute aims to meet the changing needs of students in Pakistan, including student
and teacher exchanges with educational and research organizations both within and outside the country.


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