Scientists asked to adopt biotechnology for rapid yield enhancement

ISLAMABAD, Nov 13 (APP): Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam on Friday advised the scientists to adopt advance biotechnology tools as genomics strategy for rapid yield enhancement of other crops such as wheat, sugarcane, oil crops, and horticultural crops.

He also stressed the need to develop like Green Super Rice techniques to improve local animal breeds through genomics based research.

Imam visited Green Super Rice (GSR) fields at National Institute for Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB) and discussed its future scope in other crops.

Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali, scientist in genomics and biotechnology, member Plant Sciences Division, PARC briefed the Minister about the Green Super Rice project and activities of biotechnology institute.

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Using latest technique of genome based breeding by design; NIGAB scientists in collaboration with international scientist and Chinese partners have developed these rice varieties.

The yield potential of selected rice varieties ranges from 80 to 120 mounds per acre.

Dr Ali, explained that with extra long grain there are good chances to capture the export market of rice internationally.

This project is very important to rapidly enhance the yield of rice as desired in Primer Minister Rice productivity enhancement Initiative.

Syed Fakhar Imam appreciated the efforts of scientists for developing Green Super Rice.

Later on, the minister visited the Genomics institute laboratories and appreciated the research work done and available facilities, which are comparable to any international genomics institute.

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Addressing the scientists, minister stressed the needs to adopt modern breeding techniques for per acre yield increase of Pakistani varieties. He also advised the students and researchers to get advance trainings from international institutes from other countries like China which have developed advanced breeding institutes through genomics and biotechnology for uplift of Pakistani institutes in these techniques.

Other officials and scientists of Pakistan Agriculture Research Council were also present at the occasion.