ISLAMABAD, Oct 31 (APP): Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan on Saturday appealed the leaders of Pakistan Muslim League-N to desist from using language tarnishing image of the national institutions.

Targeting national institutions through speeches of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), should be avoided at all cost, he stated in an interview with a private television channel.

He said that the people of Pakistan had given three times opportunity to Nawaz Sharif for becoming Prime Minister of this country.

He urged the leaders of PML-N and Sharif family, to pay respect for national institutions.

The people, he said, would stand against the leaders of PML-N particularly Ayaz Sadiq and Nawaz Sharif for maligning national institutions for personal interest.

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In reply to a question, he said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), government had no issue with Opposition parties.

“We should work for addressing issues of poverty, unemployment and price hike. It was also the responsibility of Opposition to work for development of the country,” he stated.

To another question regarding accountability, the minister said after Pervaiz Musharraf, the Pakistan Muslim League-N and Pakistan Peoples Parties had been in power.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that both the parties had failed to carry out accountability process during their period of running government. Involvement in corruption, he said had halted PPP and PML-N, to continue the process of accountability.

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