APP42-22 ISLAMABAD: January 22 - Federal Minister for Religious Affairs & Inter-Faith Harmony, Sardar Muhammad Yousaf addressing at International Conference organized by Chairman National Assembly Standing Committee on Religious Affairs on titled “Moderate Dialogue and Community Peace”. APP

ISLAMABAD, Jan 22 (APP): Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and
Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf on Sunday called for unity among all Islamic countries for promoting peace and stability in the Muslim world.
He said Islam was being paired with extremism and anti-Islam
elements were trying to vilify it, therefore, it was the duty of Muslim world and Pakistanis to combat with it.
“We should unite to present the peaceful picture of Islam to world,”
he said while addressing the inaugural ceremony of a two-day conference on Islam and Peace titled Moderate Dialogue and Community Peace hosted by Ministry of Religious Affairs.
He said the conference was the need of hour as its objective was to
unite Muslims of all schools of thought.
He applauded the participants of conference and their
contributions. The conference, he added, was a milestone for the
Muslim world and Pakistan.
Sardar Yousuf said the government had formed the Ulema Mashaikh Council to promote mutual reconciliation and guidance on important
national issues.
The the Ulema & Mashaikh Islam Committee was the first body which
had united religious scholars from all schools of thought and brought
them on same page to unite and guide Muslims, he added.
He said that Pakistan was like second home to Saudia Arabia and it
was with Saudia Arabia and its people in every circumstances.
“We should defeat conspiracies against Muslims and only solution
is unity,” he said.
Sardar Yousuf said unity among the Muslim countries was the
only panacea for problems confronting the Muslim Ummah.
He said religious scholars across the Islamic World had the most
crucial role to play in cracking the Western propaganda against Islam, terming it an extremist religion.
The minister commended the Pakistan Army and its sacrifices in
war against terrorism. He said Pakistan`s exemplary sacrifices in
the fight against terrorism were internationally acclaimed.

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