Rs 220 bln saved in different development projects: Shehbaz

APP47-09 LAHORE: June 09 – Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif in a meeting with the Member of Assembly from Multan Division. APP

LAHORE, June 9 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif
on Friday said that provincial government has saved precious resources worth Rs.220 billion in different development projects.
Talking to parliamentarians here at his Punjab Assembly chamber, he said
that no such example of savings existed in 70 years of country’s history, ading that past rulers had plundered national resources mercilessly and got their billions of rupees loans waved off and now
they were bragging about their piety today, he added.
Chief Minister said that PML-N had the credit of promoting a culture
of transparency and even the opponent could not question transparency in its projects.
He said that 2017 was the year of completion of promises made with
the people and vowed that the government would fulfill its promises made with the people, because the pivot of the PML-N politics was selfless service to the people.
Shehbaz Sharif said that his purpose of life was to serve the people and as long as he was alive, he would continue to serve the people. He
said that the elements indulged in purposeless criticism of public welfare initiatives were enemy of people’s development and prosperity as some of the political elements were unnerved over fast development of the country.
He made it clear that from now onward, only the politics of public
service would last as there was no room for blame-game. The people would make the politics of transparency, honesty, hard work and performance to succeed in the elections of 2018.
Under the leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the journey of
transparency and development had successfully been continued during the last four years and now Pakistan was changing but unluckily, the mindset
of some of the politicians had not changed and the claimants of making a new Pakistan were indulged in ruining the exiting Pakistan.
But, now the people will not be entrapped by these defeated elements, he
added. He said that the past rulers of Punjab have made graveyards
of corruption during the dictatorship era and instead of solving the problems of the people further increased their problems. Similarly,
the development and prosperity of the common man was impeded through sit-ins and lockdowns and now these elements are afraid that the
completion of most transparent projects will bury their residual
Shehbaz Sharif said that the PML-N government will continue the
journey of selfless public service under the leadership of Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif.
He further said that provincial budget 2017-18 is people-friendly,
and the big development budget has been presented in the history
of the province which will help in improving the quality of life of
the people besides ensuring composite development and strengthening
of the economy.
The Chief Minister asked the public representatives to work with
more zeal and energy to serve the people better and monitor the
public welfare projects.