Rs 12,629.23 million released for Interior Division so far

Rs 12,629.23 million released for Interior Division so far

ISLAMABAD, Mar 20 (APP): The government has released an amount of Rs 12,629.23 million for various new and ongoing projects of the Interior Division under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for year 2021-21 so far.

The government had allocated a sum of Rs 21,048.715 million for various ongoing and new projects to the Interior Division under PSDP 2021-22.

As per the Planning Commission, a sum of Rs 12,035.353 million has been specified for various on-going projects while Rs 9,013.362 million for new schemes.

An amount of Rs 710.215 million, allocated for on-going scheme, capacity enhancement of CAF-Management of western border by raising eight additional wings for frontier corps Balochistan (North), Rs 3000.000 million for construction of 10 Avenue, Islamabad, Rs 457.000 million for construction of accommodation for Bhittai Rangers at Karachi, Rs 825.000 million for construction of Korang Bridge and PWD underpass Islamabad and Rs 800.000 million for construction of Model Prison at H-16, Islamabad, Rs 400.000 million for feasibility Study for Conduction of Water from Indus Water System at Tarbela Dam to the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi including RCB and CCB (Phase-I),

Rs 300.000 million for Integrated Border Management System (IBMS Phase-II), Rs 1717.380 million for Korang River and Rawal Lake Water Treatment Islamabad, Rs 100.000 millionfor Land Revenue Records Management System in Rural Area of ICT Phase-II, Islamabad, Rs 363.036 million for National Response Center for Cyber Crimes (NR3C), Phase-III.

The government also allocated Rs 400.000 million under on-going schemes for Operational Improvement of FIA in AML/CFT, Counter Terrorism and Case Management System,

Rs 400.000 million for Revamping of Cyber Crime Wing, FIA and Rs 500.000 million for Sanitation and Road Projects in UC Bokra, Mera Sumbal Jaffar, Bhandana Kalan, Jhangi Sayyedan Sara-i-Kharbooza, Tarnol Golra Sharif and Shah Allah Ditta, Islamabad.

Under new schemes, the government allocated Rs 1000.000 million for balance works for operationalization of Metro Bus from Peshawar Morr to New Islamabad International Airport (NIIA),

Rs 300.000 million for capacity enhancement of CAF-Management of Western Border by raising of (5) Additional Wings for Frontier Corps Balochistan (South), Phase-II, Rs 203.379 million for construction of Sector Headquarter at Shakas, Khyber Agency, Rs 400.000 million for construction of accommodation for 2 x Wing HQs at Jamal Maya and Ghari Killi Orakzai Tribal District FC KP Peshawar,

Rs 400.000 million for construction of accommodation for 2 x Wing HQs at Mehrban Killi (Tarkho Kas) and Barai Pakdara Khyber Tribal District FC KP, Peshawar and Rs 750.000 for establishment of 14 regional passport offices in Sindh.

The government also specified Rs 100.000 million for upgradation of biometrics identification system for passport application and Rs 530.000 million for Water Supply System in Forward area of FC (South) D.I.Khan.