Romania embassy celebrates 105th National Day

Romania embassy

ISLAMABAD, Nov 28 (APP):The Romania Embassy in Islamabad on Tuesday held a cake-cutting ceremony to celebrate its 105th National Day, the realization of Great Union, which falls on December 1.

Speaking on the occasion, Romanian Charge d’ Affaires Eduard-Robert Preda said the ‘National Day’ was a moment of remembrance for Romanians of the historical act of December 1, 1918 when the centuries-long ideal of national unity had been achieved, building the foundation of the modern Romanian state.

He said that Romania and Europe would always remember that over a million soldiers from South Asia had fought heroically during the World War I and 60.000 of them, mostly from today’s Pakistani Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, had paid the ultimate price in defending the ideals of peace, freedom, liberty, dignity, democracy and fundamental human rights.

The envoy said Romania and Pakistan enjoyed very good bilateral relations. “We acknowledge Pakistan’s efforts in fighting terrorism, militancy and radical extremism and hope that these endeavours will continue to be an important part of international war on terror.

“We are eager to work hard to take forward the bilateral agenda, as well as the cooperation within the EU-Pakistan framework and in multilateral formats, especially in the United Nations,” he added.

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