ISLAMABAD, June 30 (APP): Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastgir Khan on Thursday said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf had failed to ameliorating masses problems in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and introducing any new mechanism for development.

Speaking in a PTV program, the minister said, either is health or
education or law and order, the PTI merely based its politics on rhetoric
instead of delivering anything on ground.

“Rhetoric can never be a substitute to real development as mere slogans cannot resolve masses problems.”

He specifically mentioned to killing of people, firing on IDPs and
breaking of jails and said blaming the PML N and PPP government cannot be a reply to their failure in the province.

“Punjab government is doing well in different sectors but what change
PTI could bring in the system as far as KPK was concerned,” the minister said.

He said the federal government led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had
focused on power and gas shortage and today the duration of load shedding has declined and gas is being provided to industry without uninterruption. Moreover, steps to eliminate terrorism and extremism and initiation of China Pakistan Economic Corridor are the visible example of development.

Answering a question about references against the PML N leadership, he said, the opposition desired one person specific Terms of Reference (ToR) instead of focusing on elimination of corruption.

“Now, they have taken an alternative course by filing references in
Election Commission. This is an opportunity for us and now we shall contest their allegations. These references will bring clarity to the issue,” he added.

He said since 2013 when the PML N government got elected, our party
repeatedly won by elections that means that people still repose confidence in Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his party.

“Had, the PML N lost confidence of masses, there could have been
pressure on the Prime Minister to resign. But, since he enjoys masses
confidence, there is no reason to ask his resignation,” he said.

He said in Punjab record allocations have been made in education, health and infrastructure while the federal government is also fulfilling its promises in provision of power, gas, infrastructure development and incentives to farmers in terms of cheaper inputs and electricity.

He asked the opposition that instead of blame games, they should engage in masses welfare and let the masses decide after two as to who had delivered well.

Answering a question about Afghan refugees, he said, there is no doubt that they should go back. We respect sovereignty of Afghanistan and it is their responsibility to take back these refugees.