Rana Tanveer for tapping renewable energy resources to meet electricity shortage

ISLAMABAD, Jul 27 (APP): Minister for Sciences and Technology Rana Tanveer Hussain Wednesday said that Pakistan needed to tap more renewable energy resources to meet electricity shortage.

The minister said this while addressing the participants of
opening ceremony of the first International conference and expo on biomass gasification technologies held here at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in collaboration with UNIDO.

He said “In contemporary times when global reserves of
nonrenewable energy resources are depleting, we being the developing country need to look for alternative better energy resources.”

He said if the alternative resource was renewable energy extracted from biomass that was produced in trillions of tons on daily basis adding it was all the more appropriate to have such an excellent alternative.

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Using biomass to produce clean and cheap energy for SMEs and local consumption will help us meet the on-going challenges within energy sector that is impeding national economic growth.

This forum should form public-private partnership and
interest-specific networks by bringing together the best minds from relevant fields including national and international community to produce tangible solutions for Pakistan’s greatest challenges in energy security, the minister said.

He appreciated the university-industry applied research collaborations to develop a highly skilled, innovation-ready workforce leading to growth in Pakistan’s economy.

“We need more of these indigenous demand-driven researches to accomplish targeted goals by the production sector. We need to rely on our own brilliant human resources to meet challenges of our energy sector specifically the power shortage.”

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It is only possible when our production units are well aware
of the demands of the public and the consumers from industrial sector, he added.

He said the government strongly supports the advancement in science and technology on demand-driven basis and is eager to support all the sectors who are putting in efforts to bring about a positive change by playing their role in academic-industrial collaboration.

These collaborations will prove to be game changers for the
future of our generations by boosting economic and energy sector through employment opportunities, industrial progress, electricity generation and self-reliance.