Radio Schools help to continue regular education during COVID-19
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ISLAMABAD, Dec 22 (APP): The initiative of the government to broadcast educational programs through radio will ensure educational activities on regular basis, especially during closure of schools due to COVID-19.

The initiative will also benefit students who don’t have the facility of television at home or cannot attend online classes or take benefit from Teleschool, sources in the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training said here on Tuesday.

Talking to APP, they said that after the success of Teleschool “Taleem Ghar Ghar”, the government has decided to broadcast it on Radio Channels.

A project of “Radio Schools” would on-air lectures from 10 AM to onwards, they added.
They further said that no student, through this way, will be left from benefiting even if they are not at home or don’t have the facility of television at home.

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The lectures would help students to “study from home” especially those who cannot attend online classes or take benefit from Teleschool.

As the schools and colleges are closed again due to increase in coronavirus cases, such project will keep the educational activities regular. Earlier, the Government introduced “study from home” where lectures are delivered on a dedicated PTV channel named “PTV Teleschool”.

Teleschool broadcasts online lectures for class kindergarten to class 12 from 8 am to 6 pm. Major Ed-Techs of Pakistan like Sabaq Foundation, Taleemabad etc. contributed their content in the project of PTV Teleschool.