Minister orders action against CEOs of poor performing districts

ISLAMABAD, Oct 11 (APP): Minister for Health in Punjab Dr Yasmin Rashid on Sunday said that public meetings being called by Opposition parties could cause spread of coronavirus in the country.

Expressing these views in a private television channel programme, she said that organizing public gatherings or processions was the right of Opposition but such activity could increase the coronavirus patients.

Coronavirus pandemic had damaged the economy of many countries including Pakistan, she stated.

Due to precautionary measures and government’s efforts, we have effectively controlled spreading of the virus, she claimed.

In reply to a question, she said in some areas of Punjab, coronavirus cases were being reported.

She urged the people to adopt SoPs to protect themselves from dangerous virus. Dr Yasmin Rashid also urged the Opposition to ensure SoPs before going to hold any public meetings.

The Punjab Health Minister warned that coronavirus pandemic is still a threat hovering over here.

She said every citizen must follow the SoPs and other necessary measures for protection against the virus.