PTI’s plan to destroy national economy has failed: Senator Talal Chaudhry

PTI's plan to destroy national economy has failed: Senator Talal Chaudhry
ISLAMABAD, Apr 16 (APP):Pakistan Muslim League (N) leader Senator Talal Chaudhry has said that those who have been declared unlawful by the courts were conspiring to create political instability in the country in the name of protecting the constitution.
Reacting to the PTI’s announcement of holding public rallies, he said the elements who took the country to the brink of defualt are getting active to harm national economy after witnessing positive indicators.
He said that political extremists who attacked national assets on May 9, 2023, are not willing to tolerate progress and prosperity of the country.
Senator Chaudhry said that the foreign-funded group was again trying to mobilize for anarchy, corruption and economic instability, those who threw petrol bombs on the police and made references against the judges were back on the riot today because the stock exchange has gone above 70 thousand points.
He said that the founder PTI’s plan to destroy country’s economy has failed, BRT Peshawar’s master plan of corruption has gone up to 6 billion rupees, they should answer for this.
He said that when the price of flour and bread is decreasing, they started to cry about inflation.
He said that in Nawaz Sharif tenure (as PM), the bread was Rs five rupees and after 2018 it had crossed Rs 25, similarly flour was 35 rupees per kg, sugar was 52 rupees per kg during Nawaz Sharif tenure.
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