ISLAMABAD, May 22 (APP): State Minister for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb on Monday said
that Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf (PTI) had persistently indulged in mud-slinging at the
constitutional institutions, denigrating them and even using abusive language against them
from every convenient roof-top besides maligning the coveted office of the Prime Minister.
The PTI also triggered a campaign maligning against the constitutional
institutions during the Dawn Leaks and also reinforced the narrative of the
enemy in the backdrop of the ICJ interim decision in Kalbhushan case, she added.
Speaking to the media men outside Supreme Court premises here,she
said that during the last four years, the whole nation saw how Imran Khan
abused the national institutions in whatever way he could.
The minister said Imran Khan did not know how to respect others and
the constitutional state entities as he was unfamiliar with the word of respect.
She said that PTI wanted to foment confrontation between the state
institutions as was evident from the speeches and tweets of parliamentary
representatives of the party. Marriyum said that PTI was doing politics at the cost of the
dignity and prestige of the national institutions to gain cheap popularity and such
machinations and shenanigans were clearly meant to obstruct progress that was underway in the country.
She observed that the courts issued contempt notices against Imran
Khan and even declared him uncivilized, but the PTI chief refused to appear
before them.
The MOS said that Imran Khan had no interest in the development of the
country through mega-projects like CPEC, strengthening of constitutional institutions or a secure future for the youth.
She said that the nation must know that the Prime Minister was
working day and night to orchestrate a secure future for the nation and the
The minister said that Supreme Court expressed satisfaction overthe
report presented to it by Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and in its remarks
acknowledged the fact that the Prime Minister and all other institutions were cooperating
with the JIT. She expressed the hope that the JIT on Panama Papers would proceed in the matter according to law and constitution.
Marriyum pointed out that while the Prime Minister had presented
record of his three generations before the court for his own dignity and
gaining the trust of the people Imran Khan had refused to provide record
of even the last three years to the court and has been avoiding appearing before the Supreme Court, High Court and Election Commission.
The minister said that Imran Khan tried to befool people by climbing
on top of the containers, taking to streets and continuously telling lies to the people. She
urged the PTI chairman to shun the politics of lies and hurling unsubstantiated allegations
at his political opponents and try to seek support of the people on the basis of performance.
She remarked that the people in KPK who did not have schools, hospitals and were afflicted with backwardness, waited in vain for Imran Khan and his party to deliver in the province.

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