ISLAMABAD, Aug 19 (APP):Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Leaders Monday hailed that the one year performance of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government was recognized not only in Pakistan but globally.

Leaders while talking in a Radio Programme lauded the one-year achievements of PTI government and called it a success for the foreign policy vision and a “journey of stability of Pakistan”.

Leader PTI Shandana Gulzar Khan said this is the first government which has actually produced one year performance report and we would continue this practice.

No government can achieve success without a proper road map, she said, adding, transparency and accountability is the center of the mandate of PTI.

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She further said Prime Minister Imran Khan has always emphasized on the significance of accountability of the institutions and public representatives.

All developing countries in the region are also open about their achievements and failures, adding, Pakistan has also followed policy of peace and restraint to improve bilateral ties with all neighboring countries based on equality and respect.

Leader PTI Nusrat Wahid said the people should know the one year progress of PTI led government and despite many severe challenges and opposition, the government took concrete measures to revive economy.

The previous governments made artificial development and severely damaged the economy, she said, adding, the corrupt leader only increased their own assets and did not work for the betterment of the country.

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