PTI Leaders renew pledge to ensure equal rights for women in ‘Naya Pakistan’

Zartaj chides against Maryam over ‘ludicrous’ claim

ISLAMABAD, Aug 3 (APP):Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders Monday said women were a vital component of the society and the promotion of gender equality, fight against gender-based violence were one of the major priorities of Imran Khan’s  government.

In an exclusive talk with a private news channel, women leaders of PTI have reaffirmed their government’s commitment to ensure equal rights and opportunities to women in order to enable them to utilize their potential for sustainable socioeconomic development of the country.

They urged the female parliamentarians to play a more vibrant role in the National Assembly to highlight the national issues, particularly those faced by the women and set new trends of sisterhood.

PTI leader and Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul highlighted her leadership vision of a society where everyone, also youth and women, are valued and treated equally, able to influence the decisions that affect their lives while assuming their responsibilities as active citizens.

She said that Pakistan was changing today auspiciously and women would have all their due rights in ‘New Pakistan’, asserting, “Pakistani women are playing active role in every sphere of life”.  Women could become social strength provided they had complete patronage of the government and encouragement by the society, she mentioned.
She said Prime Minister Imran Khan had introduced true face and soft image of Pakistan in the world.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Kanwal Shauzab said that PTI led government was introducing new trends and making all-out efforts to empower women, end gender discrimination to make them active members in socioeconomic activities of the country.
She said women have always been at the forefront in movements for the restoration of democracy and her government was committed to bring actual democracy in country with introducing laws related to gender equality and end discriminating trends.
PTI leader Malaika Bukhari also demanded that all gender-based discriminatory laws should be abolished and opposition with treasury benches should jointly work for introducing women related laws in country.

The PTI government has passed a number of legislation to secure rights of women from the parliament and to get its desired results everyone should play their due role, she stressed.
She underlined the need for making collective efforts to ensure women’s inheritance rights, health, education, violence-free environment and equal opportunities in all strata of society.

She noted that the government could not alone work over these issues, it could enact laws, but it was the collective cause and responsibility of all stakeholders to play their role.