PTI Govt to complete its constitutional term: Ghulam Sarwar

PTI Govt to complete its constitutional term: Ghulam Sarwar
PTI Govt to complete its constitutional term: Ghulam Sarwar

RAWALPINDI, Nov 06 (APP):Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan here on Saturday said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government would not only complete its constitutional term rather, it would also win next general elections.

After inaugurating a Girls Degree College and Jatha Hathial Road near Chak Beli Khan, addressing a public meeting he said that the government was making hectic efforts to control price hike, adding, poverty and unemployment would be reduced and mega development projects would also be launched in different areas.

Though, price hike was an international phenomenon but, the PTI government was trying to bring down the prices particularly of food items, he added.

He said that all out efforts were being made to provide relief to the citizens as Prime Minister Imran Khan weekly chaired meeting to review prices of essential commodities and solid steps were being taken to control prices.

He further said past regimes could not construct a hospital in this area but, the PTI government would give the residents a state of the art hospital.

The Minister said, devil opposition was trying to create disappointment among the people but, the government was trying to control the economic situation of the country deteriorated during last 35 years.

Ghulam Sarwar said, the government was going to launch long-awaited Rawalpindi Ring Road project which could not be kicked off by the past regimes, adding, other cities like Gujarat, Wazirabad, Gujranwala and Lahore had the Ring Road and Bypasses facilities.

The Ring Road project would change fate of the area and the residents living in the areas along the ring road route would be real beneficiary of the project. The prices of their properties would be double due to the project. The residents would have all modern facilities in their areas. Commercial activities would increase in areas along the ring road project, the minister said.

He said, approval of Rawalpindi Ring Road project had been given. Its alignment had also been approved, funds had been allocated and released and Prime Minister Imran Khan would perform groundbreaking of the project on Dec 25.

Local bodies elections would be held in March April next year and it would be rehearsal of the next general elections, he said adding, due to the PTI government’s performance people would again elect the party to bring real change in the country and Ali Baba and 40 thieves, who looted the country’s wealth would not succeed to get another chance to loot the country. The prisons were the future of the opposition leaders, he added.

The federal minister said that people needed to know who was a sincere leader and who was an anti-Pakistan leader.

He said the devil would always mislead people and may Allah Almighty save everybody from the devils like the opposition parties currently trying to topple the federal government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Ghulam Sarwar said that may Allah Almighty protect everyone from “devils like leaders of the opposition”.

The prudent economic plans of PTI govt had put the country on the right track of prosperity, he added.