APP62-22 ISLAMABAD: May 22 - Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, Chairman NAB chairing a meeting on NAB's Prevention Committee for Reforms in Cooperative Department ICT at NAB Headquarter. APP

ISLAMABAD, May 22 (APP): Chairman National Accountability
Bureau (NAB) Qamar Zaman Chaudhry Monday approved proposed
recommendations of the bureau for onward submission to Ministry of
Interior for further effective working of Cooperative Department,
Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT).
The recommendations, being submitted for consideration/
implementation to MoI would also help safeguard investments of general public as well as ensuring transparency in affairs of Cooperative Department.
As per directions of Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, a Prevention
Committee for Reforms in Cooperative Department ICT was constituted,
comprising representatives of all stakeholders including
representation from Cooperative Department ICT.
The Prevention Committee for Reforms in Cooperative Department
ICT held various meetings and after due deliberations, a set of
recommendations were presented in a meeting chaired by chairman NAB
The Cooperative Department ICT has appreciated NAB’s efforts
for proposing effective and workable recommendations.
The ICT had informed NAB that recommendations have been
included in gazette notification, directing all management
committees of cooperative housing societies to implement them.
It has been recommended that every cooperative society shall
appoint a focal person from amongst its managing committee along
with an officer of society who shall be held personally liable for
any lapse to this effect.
The focal person shall also share weekly progress report with
circle registrar, Cooperative Societies Department, Islamabad.
In case of non-compliance, the managing committee of
society shall be liable to be proceeded against jointly and
severally under penal provision of the Act.
The recommendations which were incorporated in gazette
notification are as under:
Under Adherence to Municipal Bye-laws, every cooperative
housing society shall annually furnish details of plots including
their allotment, creation, sub-division or amalgamation to
concerned municipal/development authority and endorsed copy to
every cooperative housing society, clearly certifying that the
society has not committed any violation of approved layout plan
during the year.
Every cooperative housing society shall ensure strict
adherence to layout plan approved by Municipal/Development Authority
and no transfer of share (s) or interest (s) of a member shall be
approved unless it is certified by society that no violation of
layout plan has been committed by transferor.
Every cooperative housing society shall obtain a certificate
of “land audit” from concerned Municipal/Development authority on
annual basis to ensure sanctity of layout plan.
No cooperative society shall issue any “allotment letter” or
possession certificate to its members unless it has physical
possession of land against which such letter or certificate is to be
No cooperative society shall change size or location of any
plot allotted to a member without seeking specific approval from
Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Every cooperative society before submitting minutes of AGM to
Registrar, shall obtain clearance from Municipal/Development
Authority to effect that no agenda item has been approved in
violation of municipal bye-laws. In case no response is received
from concerned Authority within 30 days, it shall be presumed that
such Authority has no objection and minutes of AGM will be processed
as per law.
No cooperative housing society shall launch a scheme or
project unless it has possession of compact piece of land besides
title of minimum required land.
Every cooperative housing society shall obtain prior approval
from concerned Development/Municipal Authority before advertising
project/scheme in the press.
Every cooperative housing society obtains a certificate of ‘an
audit’ from concerned Development/Municipal Authority on annual
basis to ensure sanctity of layout plan.
Moreover, under Timelines for Development, it has been
recommended that every cooperative society shall ensure timely
completion of its on-going project(s) and no new project or scheme
shall be launched unless 70 percent development work has been
completed on ongoing project of such society.
Every cooperative society shall complete its on-going project
or scheme within five years, failing which liquidation proceedings
may be initiated against such society under section 47 of the
Cooperative Societies Act, 1925.
No cooperative society shall transfer or utilize fund from
head of account to pay another head of account of any project or
scheme without approval of the Registrar.
Under Creation of Funds, every cooperative society shall
establish “Reserve Fund” specified in Sections 39 and 42 of
Cooperative Societies Act, 1925 for public, cooperative and
charitable purposed, subject to other provisions of the Act, the
Fund may be utilized for expenditure on repairs, maintenance and
renewals of society’s property.
It shall consist of amount out of net profit, from year to
year, subject to minimum of one percent of net profit for that year,
all admission fees received by society from its members on transfer
of shares, along with occupancy rights and all donations received by
society except those received for a specific purpose;
Every cooperative society shall establish a contributory
“Provident Fund “ in accordance with section 41 of Cooperative
Societies Act 1925 for benefit of its employees and society in such
a manner and subject to such conditions or restrictions, as may be
prescribe by government for benefit of the employees
Every cooperative society shall provide gratuity to its
employees on such terms and conditions as prescribe by the
government from time to time.
Under Cooperation among Cooperatives, it has been recommended
that every cooperative society shall take effective measures to
promote cooperation among cooperatives in line with 6th cooperative
principle and strengthen cooperatives by utilizing common resources
to achieve common goals.
Under Online Access to Information, every cooperative society
shall set up, at its own expense, a website and Managing Committee
will be responsible for making suitable arrangements for its regular
maintenance, updating and ensuring that it runs securely, smoothly
and uninterruptedly.
The website will be accessible to all members of the society
at all times. The society may, however, at its discretion, make
website open to general public also, in case, access to any
information is to be restricted and made available to members only,
then every member will be provided a separate user-name and password
through which he can access the information.
The information regarding the society, it Managing Committee
and membership will display on website include number and date of
registration of society along with telephone number of Office of the
society, bye-laws of the society along with directions/instructions
issued by Registrar from time to time, annual and special audit
reports for last three years, copy of approved Layout Plan clearly
indicating seal and signatures of approving authority and minutes of
Annual General Meeting held during last three years and in
current year.
The other information to be displayed include a list showing
name, father’s name, residential address and cell phone numbers of
all members of Managing Committee and officers of society along with
date from which they are holding office, a membership list showing
name, father’s name, residential address, date of acquiring
membership, mod of acquiring membership, seniority in membership
register and plot/flat number allotted in respect of all persons
who are members of the society as on date of updating of website,
a charity displaying complete information about members added or
deleted and transfer of membership etc. during year, information
about purchase of land including land available with society, its
location and area specifying cost of land and source from which land
has been acquired, details of members for purchase of land and
development specifying amount of installment and due date by which
payment is to be made and a list of defaulters along with amount
The information displayed on website will be deemed to be
correct as on date of updating and President and General Secretary
of society shall be jointly responsible to ensure that all
information displayed is authenticated and rectify errors or
omissions if any.
Under Audit of Cooperatives, every cooperative society shall
carry out audit of its accounts through credible audit firms in
accordance with audit guideline issued by Registrar Cooperative.
Under Transparency in AGMs, every cooperative society shall
spell out agenda items to be discussed in AGM and shall ensure video
recording of all proceedings of AGM. The quorum for the AGM will be
one-third (1/3) of total members of the society. If quorum is not
formed, meeting will be adjourned for three hours and if there is no
quorum for adjourned meeting, it will be deemed that member are not
interested, the meeting will be cancelled and shall be rescheduled
within 15 days.