Proper economic plan, political will to regain lost economic glory: Shaukat Tarin

Govt to bring back Pakistan's past economic glory: Tarin
Proper economic plan, political will to regain lost economic glory: Shaukat Tarin

KARACHI, Nov 05 (APP):Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue Shoukat Tarin Friday said comprehensive economic plan and political will was pivotal in order to regain country’s lost economic glory.

He stated this while addressing as a chief guest at 18th Annual Excellence Award ceremony of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) Society at a local hotel.

He said almost all economic indicators were showing positive growth.
Shaukat Tarin said when the PTI government came into power there was large current account deficit and devalued rupee. The government entered into a tough IMF program with many conditions which initially led to slowing down the economy.

Then came the COVID-19 pandemic which also damaged our economy to some extent.

However, he said, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visionary idea to impose smart lockdown which was recognized globally saved the country from further economic crisis.

Shoukat Tarin said PM concurrently invested in agriculture, housing, industrial and exports sectors. All those areas which promoted employment in the country and resulted in 3.94 growth last year.

He said the government to strengthen industry and exports the government gave incentives to both sectors with prime focus on IT industry and its related exports.
Besides, the government also was going to give subsidies to energy sector for its uplifting.

Advisor to PM also shed light on economic crisis caused by the improper plannings and no execution of policies of previous governments.

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