ISLAMABAD, Dec 14 (APP):State Minister for Petroleum Jam Kamal on Thursday informed the National Assembly
that prices of petroleum products are less in Pakistan as compared to neighboring countries.
Responding to calling attention notice regarding recent increase in the price of the
petroleum products he said oil prices in India is Rs 118 per litre,Sri Lanka. Rs 87, Bangladesh Rs. 112 Nepal Rs. 100 and Pakistan Rs 77.40.
He said that prices of petroleum products in Pakistan are linked with international
“If the prices of petroleum products decreasing internationally, the impact is being passed on to local consumers” he added.
He said that internationally exploration activities had been curtailed due
to decrease in the prices of petroleum products but in Pakistan exploration
activities had not been curtailed. He said 2-D and 3- D survey had been completed in various areas.
He dispelled the impression that any unlawful tax had been imposed on petroleum

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