President urged int'l community to take notice of gross human rights violations in IoK

ISLAMABAD, Dec 10 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain Saturday urged the international community to take notice of the gross human rights violations against Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) and Palestinians who are deprived of their right to self-determination.

He said the international community, big powers and international institutions should take notice of their plight because such painful incidents not only deprived the people of certain regions of their rights, but also led to a series of human rights violations which were intolerable.

He was addressing a gathering attended largely by the parliamentarians, ambassadors, human rights activists, social
workers and mediamen, here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr in connection
with celebration of International Human Rights Day.

The president while expressing resolve for the year’s Human Rights Day theme “Stand up for someone’s right today!” also urged the international community to exercise care in formulation of policies.

There were also some political and administrative matters which might violate human rights, he observed and reminded the international community that no step should be taken which might adversely affect the rights of others.

“In these circumstances, responsibility for reform rests on the entire humanity. As long as such incidents are not controlled, global peace will remain elusive and the global movement for protection of human rights will not be completely successful,” he stressed.

The president said in this age, no society could remain confined within its geographical boundaries because many external elements affected the internal affairs of other countries, he added.

The president noted that the problem arose when some internal and external elements interfered in the affairs of others by crossing the boundaries to protect their interests.

If the situation in Pakistan was reviewed, then this reality emerged that acts of extremism, as a result of which freedom and human rights were violated, occurred when external forces or internal elements overstepped their limits, he added.

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He said the people of Pakistan have demonstrated their wisdom and never supported such extremist elements.

“The government and the people of Pakistan stand together in rejecting the extremists and the national institutions are also playing a positive role in this regard,” he added.

The president said the beauty of human personality and society existed in mutual respect and tolerance.

These were the qualities which created forbearance in both the individual and society on the basis of which the ability to listen to other’s opinion with patience and respect was nurtured, he added.

He stressing upon promotion of good habits by considering it a basic human right.

“This will foster openness, forbearance and moderation in society. I believe that unless values of mutual respect and love are fostered in society, the tradition for respecting human rights will not take root,” he added.

The president said these foundations should be ingrained in the whole nation particularly the new generation by focusing on these basic qualities of human life.

“It is a matter of satisfaction that Pakistani society is adorned with these qualities,” he said, adding it was a matter of pride that the people of Pakistan gave more charity in philanthropy throughout the world on the basis of GDP ratio by providing assistance to the deprived segments of the society.

The president noted with satisfaction that effective legislation had been done in the country for protection of human rights including laws for education, child protection, honour killing, violence against women and respect and protection of religious rights of the people.

He said effective measures at the local, provincial and national level had been taken for the implementation of these laws.

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Referring to the slogan for observing International Human Rights Day, he opined that it was the most suitable choice because as a Muslim our faith, as Pakistani our constitution, UN Charter as an international citizen and declaration of Human Rights made them responsible to renew their commitment for the cause.

The president said to fulfil responsibility with regard to human rights, they should begin with the self, instead of expecting society, social institutions, governments and international organizations to make the beginning.

He said relationships among societies should be founded on respect and one should always be mindful not to harm anybody’s self-esteem in any way.

“We should pursue charitable work in the spirit of fulfilling the basic rights of deserving people. The charitable acts should be done without hurting the self- respect and dignity of deserving people and it should be considered their basic right,” he added.

He said in this way, the tradition of respect for human rights in society would be strengthened.

Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael and Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousuf were also present during the ceremony.

On the occasion, the president, minister for human rights and minister for religious affairs and interfaith harmony also signed an e-paper to signify the importance of the day.

Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, a popular classical singer, presented a song highlighting the significance of the human rights and was also joined by the minister for human rights.

The president also gave away awards among the notable personalities who had rendered valuable services in the realms of human rights, humanitarian and social work.