President for providing special computers to help impart IT skills to DAPs

President for providing special computers to help impart IT skills to DAPs
President for providing special computers to help impart IT skills to DAPs

ISLAMABAD, June 13 (APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi on Monday emphasized the need for the provision of specialized computers and software capable of helping visually and hearing-impaired students in order to impart digital and IT skills to help them earn handsome income.

He was talking to differently-abled female students of the National Special Education Complex, Khuzdar, Balochistan here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr.

The President keenly listened to the views and aspirations of the differently-abled students and on their demand advised the provincial authorities to take all necessary steps needed to upgrade the school to the secondary level, improve and modernize its curriculum and equip the school with modern-day teaching techniques so that its students could continue their education. 

He also advised the local public representatives, private NGOs and relevant federal and provincial departments to join hands and extend all necessary assistance to equip the school with modern-day teaching aids for imparting quality and market-oriented skills to the students in order to make them useful and productive citizens.

The President called upon the government as well as the private sector to take necessary measures to improve the ease of access for differently-abled persons (DAPs) to public buildings, hospitals, recreational facilities, public transport, streets and roads.

He stressed that the government and civil society should work closely to ensure effective inclusiveness of DAPs in society through suitable education, skill development, training and placement at appropriate positions in both public and private sectors.

The President said the “ICT Rights of Persons with Disability Act”, passed in 2020, binds the government to ensure that every DAP shall have a right to be respected and to lead a decent life with equal opportunities to participate in educational, social, economic, cultural and all other activities in the society without any discrimination.

The students are visiting Islamabad as part of their educational activities. The National Special Education Complex, Khuzdar was the only educational institute for disabled students in the southern region of Balochistan where 160 male and female students were enrolled in primary-level education and skill development programs.

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