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ISLAMABAD, Aug 14 (APP): On the occasion of Independence Day, President Mamnoon Hussain has conferred `Pakistan Civil Awards’ on  citizens of Pakistan as well as foreign nationals for showing  excellence and courage in their respective fields.

The investiture ceremony of these awards will take place on
Pakistan Day (March 23, 2017).

Following are the details of recipients of the Civil Awards.

S. No. Name of Awardee Field


1. Muhammad Tahir Rai (Punjab) Gallantry


2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf (Punjab) Science (Biology)
3. Wasim Ahmad (KPK) Science (Biochemistry)
4. Tariq Ahmad (Punjab) Engineering


5. Mr. Leif Holger Larsen (late) (Norway) Services to Pakistan

6. Mr. Domingo D. Lucenario Jr (late) Services to Pakistan

7. Mr. Burhan Muhammad (late) (Indonesia) Services to Pakistan

8. Mrs. Hery Setyawati Burhan (late) Services to Pakistan

9. Mrs. Datin Habibah Mahmud (late) Services to Pakistan


10. Mr. Khalid Farid (Punjab) Gallantry

11. Dr. Hafeez ur Rehman Hoorani (Sindh) Science (Physics)
12. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (Punjab) Science (Biotechnology)
13. Dr. Muhammad Aslam Noor (Punjab) Science (Mathematics)

14. Mr. Tariq Mahmood Fatik (Punjab) Engineering

15. Mr. Munir Ahmad (Punjab) Engineering

16. Mr. Ghulam Sarwar (Punjab) Engineering

17. Mr. Nadeem Ghaffar (Punjab) Engineering

18. Brig (R) Munawar Hussain(Punjab) Engineering

19. Mr. Aleem Arshad(Punjab) Engineering

20. Mr. Ayaz Ayub (Punjab) Engineering

21. Mr. Khalid Naseeruddin Shaikh(Sindh) Engineering

22. Mr. Nayyar Ali Dada (Punjab) Engineering

23. Prof. Dr. Syed Ather Enam (Sindh) Medicine

24. Mr. Mahboob Ali (Punjab) Medicine

25. Dr. Eice Muhammad (Punjab) Medicine

26. Mrs. Shahnaz Wazir Ali (Punjab) Education

27. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Rasul Jan(KPK) Science

28. Mr. Mohsin Raza (Punjab) Arts (Music)

29. Mr. Mustansar Hussain Tarar(Punjab) Literature

30. Mr. Yussuf Shaheen Daudpota (Sindh) Literature

31. Prof. Dr. Halil Toker(Turkey) Literature

32. Mr. Luca Maria Olivieri(Italy) Services to Pakistan

33. Prof. Dr. Nergis Mavalvala (USA) Services to Pakistan

34. Mr. Yang Wei (China) Services to Pakistan

35. Mr. Mushtaq Chhapra (Sindh) Public Service


36. Dr. Abdul Ghani Akram (Punjab) Science (Physics)

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37. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Tahir (Punjab) Science

38. Mr. Muhammad Idrees (Punjab) Science

39. Mr. Sohail Rabbani Khan (Punjab) Science

40. Mr. Muhammad Yousaf (Punjab) Science

41. Syed Zuhair Bokhari (Punjab) Science

42. Mr. Abdul Majid Azhar (Punjab) Science (Geology)

43. Dr. Abubaker Shahid (Punjab) Science (Oncology)

44. Mr. Shams Shahid Ayub (Punjab) Engineering

45. Mirza Sar Buland Ali Khan (Punjab) Engineering

46. Mr. Muhammad Asif Jamil (Punjab) Engineering

47. Dr. Tauqir Qadir Qureshi (Punjab) Engineering

48. Mr. Khalid Bin Sagheer (Sindh) Engineering

49. Mr. Muhammad Salman (Punjab) Engineering

50. Mr. Muhammad Zahir Khan(AJ&K) Engineering

51. Syed Raza Akhlaq (Sindh) Engineering

52. Dr. Mohammad Shoaib (Punjab) Engineering

53. Col (R) Muhammad Ayaz Mirza (Punjab) Engineering

54. Mr. Allah Ditta (Punjab) Engineering

55. Dr. Naveed Ahmed Saddiqui (Punjab) Engineering

56. Mr. Zameer Hussain Kazmi (Punjab) Engineering

57. Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed (Punjab) Engineering

58. Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar A. Bhutta (Sindh) Education (Health)

59. Dr. Khalid Sharif (UK) Medicine

60. Prof. Dr. Javeid Iqbal (Balochistan) Education

61. Mr. Anees Ul Hasnain Shah alias Syed Arts (Music)
Jumon Shah(Sindh)

62. Mr. Sarmad Sultan Khoosat (Punjab) Arts (Cinematography)

63. Mr. Rashid Mehmood (Punjab) Arts (Broadcasting)

64. Mr. Javed Iqbal (Punjab) Arts (Music)

65. Ustad Ashraf Sharif Khan Arts (Music)

66. Ms. Humaira Channa (Sindh) Arts (Singing)

67. Mr. Muhammad Hassan Hasrat Literature
(Gilgit Baltistan)

68. Mr. Muhammad Salim Ur Rehman Literature

69. Mr. Anwar Shaoor (Sindh) Literature

70. Mr. Zahid Masood (Punjab) Literature

71. Dr. Muhammad Qasim Bughio (Sindh) Literature

72. Mr. Roohi Kunjahi (Punjab) Literature

73. Mr. Shakir Shuja Abadi(Punjab) Literature

74. Mr. Sarfraz Shahid(Islamabad) Literature

75. Mr. Khursheed Nadeem(Punjab) Literature (Journalism)

76. Mr. Shahzada Zulfiqar(Balochistan) Literature (Journalism)

77. Mr. Ismail Khan (KPK) Literature (Journalism)

78. Mr. Ghazi Salahuddin(Sindh) Literature (Journalism)

79. Mr. Muhammad Wasim Baloch Sports (Boxing)

80. Mr. Saeedullah Khan(Sindh) Public Service

81. Mrs. Satara Gul (late)(KPK) Public Service

82. Mrs. Kaneez Nargis (late)(KPK) Public Service

83. Dr. Yaqoob Khan (late)(KPK) Public Service

84. Mr. Attaullah Khan Shaheed Public Service
(Gilgit Baltistan)


85. Dr. Margita Dina Sterbova Services to Pakistan
(Czech Republic)

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86. Mr. Moinuddin (Lebanon) Services to Pakistan

87. Dr. Hasrul Sani Mujtabar Services to Pakistan

88. Mr. Marcel de Vink (Netherlands) Services to Pakistan

89. Mr. Ion Emilian (Romania) Services to Pakistan

90. Mr. Mpendulo Kumalo (South Africa) Services to Pakistan

91. Dr. Andrzej Ananica(Poland) Services to Pakistan

92. Mrs. Zofia Ananiez(Poland) Services to Pakistan


93. Malik Muhammad Younas Shaheed Gallantry
(Bajaur Agency)

94. Mr. Ajmal Khan Shaheed Gallantry
(Mohmand Agency)

95. Hazrat Ghani Shaheed (Malakand) Gallantry

96. Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Shaheed Gallantry

97. Mr. Abdul Wajid Khan Shaheed Gallantry


98. Mr. Fazli Naeem (KPK) Gallantry

99. Mr. Liaqat Ali (KPK) Gallantry

100. Brig. Imran Mushtaq (KPK) Gallantry

101. Raja Shah Baz Khan Gallantry
(Gilgit Baltistan)

102. Lt. Col. Amir Naveed Hussain Gallantry

103. Mr. Zahid Jamal (Sindh) Gallantry

104. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal (Punjab) Gallantry

105. Raja Umer Khatab (Sindh) Gallantry


106. Mr. Naweed Syed (Sindh) Science

107. Prof. Dr. Bushra Mirza (Punjab) Science

108. Dr. Javid Akhter Kayani (UK) Medicine

109. Dr. Peter Bromley (UK) Medicine

110. Prof. Darius Mirza (UK) Medicine

111. Prof. Khalida Soomro (Sindh) Medicine

112. Mr. Muhammad Aslam (Punjab) Engineering

113. Syed Muhammad Ali (Punjab) Engineering

114. Mrs. Saima Akram (Punjab) Engineering

115. Syed Asim Shabih Zaidi (Punjab) Engineering

116. Mr. Atif Inayat (Punjab) Engineering

117. Mr. Naveed Ishtiaq (Punjab) Engineering

118. Mr. Muhammad Hanif Lashari (Sindh) Arts (Music)

119. Mrs. Zainab Baloch (Balochistan) Arts (Broadcasting)

120. Mr. Muhammad Elahi Buksh Mutee Arts (Calligraphy)

121. Mr. Nazeer Aamir (Punjab) Arts (Producer)

122. Ms. Parveen Malik (Punjab) Literature

123. Mr. Abdul Qayyum Bedar Literature

124. Syeda Haseena Gul (KPK) Literature

125. Mr. Nasir Ali Syed(KPK) Literature

126. Mr. Muhammad Hameed Shahid Literature

127. Mr. Muhammad Jalil Aali (Punjab) Literature

128. Mr. Shahbaaz Hussain (Punjab) Services to Pakistan

129. Mr. Liaquat Ali Warraiach (Punjab) Services to Pakistan

130. Prof. Chen Jidong (China) Services to Pakistan

131. Mr. Shahroom Khattak (KPK) Public Service


132. Mr. Ifthikhar Aziz (Sri Lanka) Services to Pakistan