APP50-11 ISLAMABAD: August 11 – President Mamnoon Hussain addressing the Ceremony of National Minorities Day organized by Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony at the Aiwan-e-Sadr. APP

ISLAMABAD, Aug 11 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain
Friday assured a gathering of religious leaders from various
faiths that the incumbent government would purge the education
curriculum of hate material, if there is any, to promote
interfaith harmony in the society.
Addressing a dinner reception hosted by Ministry of
Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony for representatives
of different faiths in connection with the National Minorities
Day annually observed on August 11, he said the government was
currently revisiting the curriculum, so the issue could be
addressed, if it is accurately pointed out.
He was of the view that he had never been in the know of
any such material. There could be any such unwanted material
in the curriculum of any particular educational institution;
however it should be pointed out to rid of it.
The ceremony was also attended by Minister for Religious
Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousuf, Minister for SAFRON Lt. Gen.
Abdul Qadir Baloch, State Minister for Religious Affairs Pir
Aminul Hasnaat, Parliamentary Secretary Khalil George,
parliamentarians and diplomats.
President Mamnoon said that all possible measures would
be taken to promote religious harmony in the country and it
was the responsibility of the entire nation to work for the
stability and supremacy of our country by keeping all the
differences aside.
The president said that the basis of religious tolerance
in Pakistan was not only based on the provisions provided in
the constitution and laws but our cultural traditions and
religious teachings also provide its foundation.
He emphasized that the values of brotherhood and equal
treatment to all citizens of the country were embedded in our
He underscored that this feeling was part of our
temperament, education and training and added that this
passion will lead Pakistan towards its real destination and
The president noted some untoward incidents affecting
the religious harmony was perpetrated by a handful of elements
which was neither supported by the people of Pakistan nor the
law of this land and beliefs.
He also said that sometimes materialistic interests were
behind incidents against minorities adding that the government
would leave no stone unturned to crush these elements.
The president stated that minorities had always played
a proactive role for the development and progress of the
motherland and their sacrifices in the defence of the country
were less than none.
He lauded the bravery and valor displayed by the non-
Muslim military officers and soldiers during wars with enemies
and said that it would be mentioned in golden letters in
Similarly, he added that the services of our non-Muslim
brothers and sisters in the fields of medicine and education
are remarkable for which the nation was grateful to them.
The president further said that the Minorities Day
should not only be celebrated as a tradition but as a national
duty to promote brotherhood and fraternity in the country in
accordance with the teachings of the Father of the Nation
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
He also highlighted that the sayings of Quaid-e-Azam
regarding the minorities are basis of our national policy.
He also stated that the Constitution of Pakistan
guaranteed complete religious and cultural freedom and
protection of the rights of the minorities and they were also
fully involved in affairs of the state.
He pointed out that in order to fulfill these
constitutional requirements the government was constantly
engaged to ensure satisfaction and protection of non-Muslim
communities so that no citizen of the country could complain
of discriminatory treatment.
In his address, Minister Sardar Muhammad Yousaf said as
suggested by PML-N MNA Ramesh Kumar, the replacement of word
`minorities’ with `non-Muslim citizens’ would require
legislative amendment.
He also lighted the steps being taken by his ministry
for welfare of religious minorities.
Representatives of various religious communities also
addressed the ceremony.
The ceremony also marked an impressive singing of
national songs by the girls from different educational
institutions which was also highly lauded by the president.

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