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Preservation work on historical Rawat Fort underway

ISLAMABAD, Mar 12 (APP): The preservation, restoration and development work is underway on historical Rawat Fort, an ancient Sarai located along the G.T Road.
The efforts put into preserving Rawat Fort will not only halt its decay but will also secure its heritage for generations to come, while boosting tourism both nationally and regionally, an official of Department of Archaeology and Museum (DOAM) told APP.
He said that the inclusive aspect of the project, noting that the archaeological excavation, conservation, and restoration works would generate employment opportunities in the local area.
Rawat Fort, an ancient Sarai located along the G.T Road, has historical significance dating back to the Sultanate period in the early 15th century A.D. Associated with tales of Mahmud of Ghazna’s son Masud and the valiant Ghakhar Chief Sarang Khan, the fortress holds a rich tapestry of narratives within its walls.
Presently, the Fort exhibits two gateways on its northern and eastern sides, a three-domed Mosque in the Western Wing’s heart, and an octagonal single-domed Mausoleum in the North-Western corner. Scattered graves within its precinct tell tales of bygone eras.
The majestic rows of identical living cells line the quadrangular inner face of the defense walls, overlooking the courtyard, showcasing the fort’s historical architectural marvels.


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