Politicians’ united stance on Kashmir has sent a ‘strong message’ to India: Analysts

Protest outside White House condemned Indian atrocities on innocent Kashmiris

ISLAMABAD, Oct 4 (APP): The unanimous stance of Pakistani politicians on Kashmir issue has sent a loud and clear message to India that its aggressive designs would be be thrashed by a united nation, diplomatic and political analysts said on Tuesday.

Former ambassador Akram Zaki told APP that it was encouraging that the government and opposition were united on an issue of national interest.

He said the meeting of parliamentary party leaders that gathered government and opposition at one platform, was “a good initiative by the Prime Minister and a good response by the parties”.

However, he regretted that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief
Imran Khan disassociated himself from national cause and instead sent his representatives to attend the meeting.

Zaki, also the former Chairman of Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, said being nuclear powers, war was not an option for both Pakistan and India to get their issues settled.

He called for more initiatives by Pakistan to highlight the Kashmir issue, particularly a sustained and active diplomacy.

Rasool Bux Raees, an expert on political science said despite their differences, the politicians at the parliamentary party’s meeting openly supported the government on Kashmir issue, which was appreciable.

“The meeting showed that political forces stand with the armed forces in supporting the Kashmiri people’s right to self-determination,” Raees told APP.

Raees termed the holding of such meeting by the Prime Minister a “positive trend” to evolve political consensus on important national issues.

He stressed the need for Pakistan to continue lobbying for Kashmir issue and highlight gross human rights violation in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

“The world cannot give us a packaged solution on Kashmir. We have to find it ourselves,” he said, adding that Kashmiri diaspora could play a significant role in calling the world’s attention to the dispute.

On Indian prime minister’s threat of isolating Pakistan at diplomatic level, the analyst said India could not succeed in such attempts.

However, he said terrorism on Pakistani soil sponsored by India was the real threat, adding that it could be overcome by internal stability and peace.

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