PNCA presents “Celebrating 100 years of Cinematic Artists: A cinematic posters exhibition”

PNCA presents "Celebrating 100 years of Cinematic Artists: A cinematic posters exhibition"
ISLAMABAD, Dec 04 (APP):The Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) on Monday proudly unveiled the exhibition “Celebrating 100 years
of Cinematic Artists: A Cinematic Posters Exhibition,” curated by the esteemed Murad Khan as this captivating exhibition embarks on a ten-day journey, traversing the evolution of cinema posters over the past century.
The cinema posters, an indispensable element of visual storytelling, have historically played a pivotal role in enticing audiences into the enthralling realm of films.
However, with the advent of the digital era and its transformative impact on promotional strategies, this art form faces the imminent threat of fading into obscurity. In response to this challenge, the exhibition seeks to revive and honor this waning art, paying homage to the artists who have profoundly shaped the cinematic landscape.
Murad Khan, the exhibition’s curator, eloquently expressed the significance of this showcase, stating, “This exhibition serves as a tribute to the invaluable contributions of both senior and contemporary artists who have meticulously crafted the visual narratives of cinema through their masterpieces. It’s a grand celebration of their creativity, innovation, and unwavering dedication to the craft.”
The exhibition meticulously curates a collection of cinema posters, showcasing the diverse styles, techniques, and narratives employed by these visionary artists. By delving into the evolution of cinematic artistry, the showcase aims to evoke nostalgia, ignite curiosity, and rekindle appreciation for the craftsmanship embedded within these posters.
“We are immensely delighted to host this exhibition at PNCA, aligning with our unwavering commitment to promoting and preserving artistic heritage,” stated M. Ayoub Jamali DG-PNCA. “This exhibition will undoubtedly serve as a visual delight for enthusiasts, a platform for educating and inspiring future generations of artists and filmmakers.”
The exhibition was graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Jamal Shah, Minister of NH&CD, who extended his unwavering support to this noble initiative, amplifying its visibility and contributing significantly to the preservation and promotion of this invaluable art form.
The exhibition drew a remarkable attendance from art aficionados, cinema enthusiasts, and the general public, all eager to commemorate the legacy of cinematic artists through this exceptional exhibition.
This captivating exhibition will continue to enthrall visitors until December 13. Daily timings are from 10 am till 4 pm, excluding Saturdays.
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