LAHORE, Dec 17 (APP):Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif said the PML-N government has successfully steered the country out of darkness and engraved new history with hard-work.
The nation will always remember this historical accomplishment of PML-N to end power crisis and their efforts to complete energy projects will be written in golden letters in history.
According to a handout issued here on Sunday, the CM expressed these views while talking to a delegation of PML-N at London. He said along-with energy projects all other development projects
have been expedited to the completion which had eliminated darkness from our country.
“Our government has set-up many power plants from its own resources while China being a great friend has also cooperated a great deal in this regard. CPEC is a great project of development and prosperity of Pakistan which is a game changer and after completion this will not only change the destiny of Pakistan but the whole region”, he claimed.
The CM said development projects were being completed swiftly under CPEC and it had opened the doors of foreign investment in Pakistan and Chinese investment of billions of rupees in Pakistan
had created various opportunities of employment.
He said energy projects were being moved forward rapidly under CPEC with an investment of 36 billion dollars. With this unprecedented investment of China, projects to get electricity
through coal, solar, hydel other sources had been initiated which after completion were providing much needed electricity to Pakistan and illuminating every corner of it by eradicating
the energy crisis.
Furthermore, he added that when PML-N came into power, energy crises had become very intriguing in our country as poverty, unemployment and energy crises were the gift of the corruption of
former corrupt rulers who filled their pockets by mugging national resources ruthlessly but did not pay any attention to end electricity shortage. Rather than plundering national assets if the former rulers
had paid any heed towards energy crises perhaps the country would not be left in darkness, he said.
The CM said, “on one hand we are confronting these former corrupt rulers who have been marauding state wealth whereas on the other hand are those who are indulged in negative politics”.
The nation will never forgive the people who are pushing the country into darkness, he said adding that people of Pakistan wanted solutions to their problems and prosperity of the country
and same is the agenda of the PML-N government.
The defeated elements who are pampered with negative politics have tried to halt the journey of development through their sit-in which was a bare enmity with the nation for personal interest as
these sit-ins had caused undue delay in energy projects, he added.