Accused, convicted to celebrate Eid together in London:Advisor

ISLAMABAD, Apr 18 (APP): Advisor  to the Prime Minister  on Accountability and Interior, Shahzad Akbar on Sunday said Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N’s) lawyers and leaders kept perpetrating misleading rhetoric for hours without hearing the verdict from the judges on Shahbaz Sharif’s alleged bail.

In a statement issued here, he said that the the two-member bench could not develop consensus to approve Shahbaz’s release on bail.

“It has been clear that the decision on the alleged bail of Shahbaz Sharif was not announced by the court rather a peon,” the SAPM said.

The Chief Justice, he said of Lahore High Court should probe the matter as the court proceedings were underway and some news channels aired the news of bail in advance.

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“Shahbaz Sharif’s impatience for his meager consent is understandable but the dishonesty of PML-N respected lawyers is incomprehensible,” he remarked.