PML-N has strong history for attacking, black mailing judiciary: Omar Cheema

ISLAMABAD, Jul 12 (APP):Central Secretary Information of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Omar Sarfraz Cheema Friday said every one is knew that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz had strong history regarding attacking and black mailing the judiciary and judges.
Talking to PTV, he said the PML-N had nothing learned from past mistakes and it was still involved in black mailing to the judges of the country.
He said opposition was still using different pressure tactics for getting relaxation or concession from the government regarding corruption cases of its leadership but they would not succeed in this regard.
He said the PML-N was criticising on the judiciary when verdict given against it but not that time when decision announced in its favour, adding that it was still failed to provide any money trail before the courts about assets of its leadership.