PM working day and night to mitigate impact of inflation: Farrukh

ISLAMABAD, Mar 07 (APP):Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib said on Monday that Prime Minister Imran Khan has been working day and night to minimize the effects of inflation.

The focus of the Prime Minister’s decisions was to provide relief and convenience to the people, Farrukh Habib said in a tweet.

Since the PTI came into power in 2018, the opposition had done nothing except the corrupt gang had been focusing on saving the looted public wealth.

Whether it is the corona pandemic, the biggest crisis in the world in 100 years or the prices of petroleum products at the highest level in 50 years, Prime Minister Imran Khan always emerged as a “man of crisis” for the sake of the people.

He said that despite the extraordinary rise in prices of petroleum products in the world, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a reduction in petrol prices.