ISLAMABAD July 22 (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Syed Asif Kirmani said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will himself monitor the development activities in Azad Kashmir after the new government is in place, to ensure basic facilities at masses doorstep.

“We owe a huge responsibility to people of Azad Kashmir and the Prime Minister has directed me that he will himself monitor development activities to ensure transparency and alleviate masses sufferings,” he said talking to PTV.

He said the federal government provided Rs 300 billion to
the PPP led AJK government during last three years but people have complained of massive corruption in the valley.

“Therefore, we have decided that corrupt will not be spared and we shall bring in an effective mechanism of accountability and good governance.”

He said the Prime Minister has also directed that all
deliberations about development in Azad Kashmir must be held in Azad Kashmir.

“We held our Parliamentary Board’s meeting at Muzaffarabad and announced our manifesto in Azad Kashmir on the
day when the Prime Minister had returned from England.”

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He said the Prime Minister had directed us to prefer to be
among the people of Azad Kashmir instead of coming to Lahore to receive him.

He said previously the federal governments used to utilize
state resources in AJK elections but PML-N did away with this
practice and we refused state resources and protocol.

Kirmani said the people have rejected the PPP due to its
government’s corruption and Imran lost ground for his rhetoric and negative politics.

“Kashmiri voters believe that none of these two
parties could deliver as only the PML-N had capacity to construct motorways and lay railways track from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad.”

He said the people in Kashmir voted to our vision of
development and the Prime Minister has directed to start
implementation on the manifesto soon after the government is formed in AJK.

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“The Prime Minister has directed to spend the resources allocated for Azad Kashmir on the Kashmiri people.”

Kirmani hinted at enacting effective laws to end corruption
from AJK and judiciously spend the money allocated by the federal government on construction of roads, hospitals, schools and colleges and clean drinking water projects.

He said the Prime Minister has already approved five air
ambulances to air lift seriously ill people to Islamabad
hospitals. “We shall be spending Rs 50 billion in Azad Kashmir on special welfare oriented projects in five years besides other routine projects.”

Answering a question, he said, opposition parties in
Pakistan should sit with the government and introduce an effective mechanism of accountability instead of politicking by targeting a single person.

“In case of Imran Khan, he wants to become the Prime
Minister by hook or by crook. But, we hope from other political parties that they will come forward for an error free system of accountability,” he added.