PESHAWAR, Dec 16 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday vowed that the blood of schoolchildren of Army Public School would not go waste, and declared to mark December 16 as national day for the promotion of education in the country.

Addressing a special event here to commemorate the first anniversary of Army Public School tragedy, the Prime Minister said it was the time to end the “darkness of ignorance from the country” which had led to rise of extremism.

The event exhibited a national element of unity with attendance by the country’s political and military leadership.

The President of Azad Kashmir, Governors, chief ministers of four provinces and Gilgit Baltistan, three services chief, parents and students gathered at the Army Public School, where the militants on last December 16 in an attack had shot dead 122 schoolchildren, Principle and teachers.

The Prime Minister also announced to establish APS Martyrs University in honour of the innocent schoolchildren who lost their lives in a barbaric incident.

He said every year when the martyrdom of children and teachers would be remembered, the resolve would be renewed by every child that “We have to educate the children of our enemies”, to make them disntinguish between right and wrong.