ISLAMABAD, June 6 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Monday urged his countrymen to offer special prayers during Ramazan-
ul-Mubarak for the security, peace, progress and prosperity of the
country as well as the nation and its protection against the

“I request my countrymen to offer special prayers, particularly during Sehar, Iftar and Taraveeh, for security, peace, development and prosperity of the country as well as the nation, so that our country remains safe from external conspiracies and achieve progress and success,” the Prime Minister said in his message on the advent of the holy month of Ramazan of 1437 Hijri.

He said by grace of Allah Almighty and prayers by his countrymen, he was recovering.

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“This time, I was away from my country at the start of the
holy month of Ramazan, but my heart beats for the country and the
countrymen. Insha Allah, I will soon be among you. I congratulate
you at the advent of this holy month,” he remarked.

He said this holy month brings good news from Allah for
blessing, forgiveness and deliverance. He said fasting was such
worship for what Allah has said, “This is for me and I will give its

“Worships and prayers are accepted during this month. I
request you to pray for the further well being of the country. Your
government is also pursuing the policies which are bringing success
in the fields of economy, social and defence. With your prayers,
Pakistan will become strong and stable, Insha Allah,” the Prime
Minister hoped.

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It may be mentioned here that Presently, the Prime Minister is in London where he underwent a heart surgery.