PM Strategic Reforms Unit, PTA discuss measures to protect consumers

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ISLAMABAD, Jun 4 (APP): The Prime Minister Strategic Reforms Unit Salman Sufi Saturday held discussions with Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) regarding protection of data of mobile phone users and the messages sent by the marketers.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) would immediately review the data privacy laws.

They agreed to immediately make policies to give permission to consumers to block marketing messages.

Salman Sufi told about the instructions of the Prime Minister for immediate review of privacy laws concerning citizens and the unfavourable messages sent by marketers to the consumers.

He said privacy of citizens was a constitutional right and the prime minister wanted to ensure that the privacy of citizens should not be violated.

The Chairman PTA would brief the Prime Minister Strategic Reforms Unit regarding the measures taken to protect privacy of consumers.

According to the proposed measures, the consumer could report the company for sending messages without his permission.

Further, the consumer would have the right to stop the company from sending him message and the company would have to follow this direction.

Besides the company would not be allowed to give data of the consumer to any one else without his permission.