PM rejects demand of opposition; vows not to resign

APP72-13 ISLAMABAD: July 13 - Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif chairs meeting of the Federal Cabinet. APP

ISLAMABAD July 13 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz
Sharif Thursday rejected demand of the opposition and
categorically said he would not resign from his office.
The Prime Minister made the announcement while chairing
a meeting of the Federal Cabinet here at the PM Office, which
received a loud applause from his Cabinet colleagues who
thumped desk on the announcement of the Prime Minister not to
tender his resignation.
The Prime Minister said the controversial Joint
Investigation Team has submitted a report based on accusations
and conjecture, and was reflective of animosity and
malice. He said the JIT Report has not given even a hint of
any corruption or financial misappropriation.
“Our family has gained nothing from the politics, rather
it has lost a lot,” he said.
The Opposition has been seeking resignation of the Prime
Minister following submission of a report at the end of a 60-
day probe into accusations of money laundering and concealment
of wealth, on the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif asked his colleagues;
“Should I resign on the demand of anti-democracy forces? Why
should I resign, on what basis?”
“I have no burden on my conscience, by the grace of
God,” he said and added he was brought into power by the
mandate of the people, and only the people have the mandate to
remove him.
“The decisions on who will be in power are done on
heavens, while people make the decisions on ground,” he said.
The Prime Minister said the government had his fingers
on the pulse of the masses and scientific polls show that the
vast majority of the people of Pakistan were still with him.
He said those who have been trying to create disruption
in the country on the name of rigging, corruption, Panama or
other pretext would remain unsuccessful.
The Prime Minister said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz
got an overall lead in votes over those who were seeking his
resignation. He said his government was in the process of
setting up mega projects worth billions of rupees where no
corruption has been proved.
He said his government has accomplished in four years
which could not be done in past two decades. “We will not let
an era of darkness return to our industries and villages,” he
The Prime Minister said he was not involved in
corruption of even a penny in past 32 years, since 1985. He
said the JIT did not even question him about any such
“All these secrets would see the light of the day on
appropriate time,” he said and added that time was not far.
“We will not let the pace of progress and development
derail,” the Prime Minister vowed.
He said Pakistan has paid a heavy price for such antics
in the past and now this trend should end.

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