PM questions allegations against his family

APP65-19 SIALKOT: July 19 - Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif addressing to PML-N workers at Resident of Federal Minister for Defense Khawaja Muhammad Asif. APP photo by Muhammad Munir Butt

SIALKOT, Jul 19 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz
Sharif Wednesday said that his political opponents after
miserably failing to establish an iota of corruption or misuse
of national exchequer against him, had started levelling false
allegations against his family and their private business.
Addressing a gathering of party workers at the residence
of minister for defence Khawaja Muhammad Asif, the prime
minister said if Nawaz Sharif had accumulated illegal wealth
provide any proof from 80s to 90s and till this date.
Instead, his family had been asked to provide money
trail from 1972 when he was a school going child, he said and
called for justification of deprivation of their factory under
the nationalization drive by the Bhutto’s regime.
The prime minister said late Bhutto had seized his
father’s factory and handed over to his party workers.
From the last 44 years history, he asked his opponents
to provide any evidence of corruption, commission or kickbacks
against him or his family.
He said his recent government had saved Rs 168 billion
alone in three power projects, but they were still accused of
The prime minister welcomed his accountability but
questioned that first, they should be informed about the
allegations and nature of cases, adding only questions about their
family businesses had been raised.
He also expressed the confidence that those people who
had mercilessly plundered the national exchequer including
Pervez Musharraf would also be held accountable.
“If I have no pains for the country, I had accepted
hefty offer from the US government at that time and did not
opt for the atomic blasts, making the country an atomic
power,” he added.
In apparent allusion to the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf
chairman, the prime minister said the people of the country
had not voted him to rule them.
“So how it could come that you rule the country as a
prime minister. The people of Pakistan will not let you to do
such shabby politics,” he maintained.
The prime minister said on daily basis, his political
opponents were using foul language and levelling hollow
But they were not reciprocating with the same, declaring
that in 2018, people of the land would respond to these antics
through their votes, he added.
The prime minister said that he had been very concerned
for the future of country’s youth and the unemployment issue.
He said his government worked day and night to brighten
up Pakistan with execution of unprecedented development energy
and infrastructure projects.
“Now Pakistan is on the path of progress and prosperity
and will be soon amongst the fast developed countries of the
world,” he announced.
The prime minister said these were the strenuous efforts
on part of his government which had alarmed their political
Expressing his dismay over the retrogressive politics of
his opponents, he said conspiracies were being hatched from
2014 in the shape of sit-ins and still continued in different
In an apparent reference to PTI leadership, the prime
minister said they tried to stall government’s efforts to end
crippling load shedding, eliminate terrorism, obstruct CPEC
and under construction motorways and highways projects.
He referred to 56 billion $ investment under the China
Pakistan Economic Corridor, terming it an unparallel
phenomenon in the country.
The prime minister stressed upon his political opponents
to consider the national interests supreme.
He said if this journey of progress and prosperity was
not interrupted in 1990s, Pakistan would have joined the ranks
of top developed countries.
The prime minister expressed his optimism that still,
the country would attain that status soon. Pakistan had been
an atomic power and now set to become the major economic hub, he added.

The prime minister on the occasion, commended services
of Khawaja Muhammad Asif and his family for the party and
mentioned his life long association with him since 1964.
He also praised Khawaja’s eloquence as an orator.
The prime minister observed that the elected
representatives of the party should visit their constituencies
regularly to let themselves know about the public issues and
to resolve them.
He said Nawaz Sharif had no concerns in the
presence of such devoted leaders and workers.
A large number of party workers and local leaders very
loudly welcomed the prime minister and kept on chanting the
Speaking on the occasion, minister for defence Khawaja
Muhammad Asif said the people of Sialkot always supported PML-N
candidates in the local bodies and general elections.
Lambasting the political opponents of the PML-N, he
expressed his wonder that now those people were throwing
stones at them whose track record had already been tainted
with misdeeds.
Using foul language in the public gatherings and
yearning for power through backdoor means would not succeed,
he said while referring to the PTI leadership.
The minister said no one could match the prime minister
in his composure and behaviour towards his political
He said their opponents were conspiring against the
prime minister’s agenda of development and prosperity and
He said the people of the country dreamt about such
progress and prosperity and Nawaz sharif had made it a reality
as Rs36 billion were being spent on power plants and announced
that in october and November, the country would have surplus
He mentioned the achievements of PML-N government in
overcoming the energy deficit and tackling the issues of
He said political opponents were fearing that if Nawaz
Sharif reached at that point where he had already been placed,
their future in politics would end forever.
Khawaja Asif said the opponents could not oust Nawaz
Sharif from politics as he was still there, but the people like
Musharraf had no place in the country.
Referring to recent hearings in Panama case in the
Supreme Court, he said an honourable judge had observed that
there were no allegations against the prime minister regarding
embezzlement of public exchequer or corruption.